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We Are Ready For Liftoff!

Friday, August 31st, 2007

Welcome to The Most Important Element Discussion Center! Over the next few weeks, we will begin what we hope will be a fresh and active dialogue on the subject of people at work. Specifically, this blog will focus on discussing issues, ideas and solutions surrounding the subject of employee engagement, retention and loyalty. If you are working, do you love what you do? Why? If you are leading a group of folks, are they engaged in their work? If you are having problems in this area, what issues do you struggle with? If you are doing well, what has enabled you to be successful?

We are big believers in the power and value of a strong community and a community is what we are striving to achieve here! We envision a lively and open-ended discussion, with some expert opinions and insights thrown in for good measure. Hey – there might even be a contest or two! With the other links and resources posted on The Most Important Element web site, we hope to provide you with a convenient place to obtain information on this important subject.

So gather up your questions and advice and get ready to share. The discussion is about to begin!