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Starting Out on the Right Foot

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

I recently read an interesting article on the business section of Canada’s Globe and Mail website called The article is entitled “Rolling Out the Welcome Mat” (4/26/08) and in it, author Kira Vermond discusses the critical importance that a strong “onboarding” experience during a new employee’s first 30-60 days of employment plays in ensuring their long term engagement. The article also contains some great examples of how some forward-thinking companies (such as Bayer, Inc.) are coming up with innovative ways to make an impact in those first few critical months.

Have you seen any interesting and effective “onboarding” techniques? If so, we’d love to hear about them!

Blessing White’s “The State of Engagement 2008″

Friday, April 18th, 2008

According to a recent article found in the Michigan’s WWJ Newsradio 950 “Daily Dash” Column (“Survey Reveals Low Employee Engagement in U.S. Workforce” by Jennie Cromie, April 16th, 2008), the Skillman, NJ-based HR consulting firm Blessing-White is readying the release of the 2008 version of their annual employee engagement report, “The State of Employee Engagement 2008″.

The survey, which is scheduled to be widely released in May of 2008, reflects that only 29 percent of employees are “engaged” and 19 percent are actually disengaged from their jobs. The article goes on to point out that, from the 7,508 respondents worldwide (including 3,342 U.S. respondents), the top three factors that influence employee job satisfaction were:

  1. additional opportunities to use talents
  2. better career development
  3. more training

and the top three reasons employees leave were:

  1. lack of career growth
  2. dislike of the actual work
  3. bad management

The article also points out that organizational trust appears a factor (just 53% of the employees surveyed trusted their company’s senior leaders). To read more about the upcoming survey results, the WWJ NR950 “Daily Dash” article can be found here in its entirety. Interesting stuff!